Queensland State Archives Touring Exhibition.
Interact with Queensland’s history in fun, new ways with "COPPER and HILDA", 19th Century records, 20th Century inspiration, 21st Century fun!

COPPER! - offers 80 randomly generated missions set within old architectural drawings. Get the highest score or challenge your friends or family to see who can jump past all the snakes, collect the coins and catch a thief. Developed by Queensland State Archives and inspired by the classic arcade game Frogger, Copper offers a novel twist where the boundary between play and history vanishes. Designed for kids and grown-ups who never grew up.

HILDA! – the Historical Image Library Discovery Assistant – is a futuristic machine that scans 100 years of Queensland’s past. You don’t need to be an expert in artificial intelligence to operate HILDA. You simply need to choose from six special discs to access more than 200 images and two hours of footage. Using a heads-up-display explore how Queenslanders have lived across the decades, navigate historical imagery and take a journey of Queensland film footage from the 1920s through to the perms and polo shirts of the 1980s.

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