Mind the Picturesque
by Wilhelmus Breikers

Mind the Picturesque

by Wilhelmus Breikers

“I take inspiration as I find it… and still remember when I was much younger being energized by having represented on paper something that  was out there in front of me.”

Breikers’ works reflect their inspirational origins, from nearby River Heads to faraway Yorkshire, but are also a contemporary response to subject. From Tiaro to Dundathu to The Flinders Ranges, Mind the Picturesque is a selection of drawings and paintings that look to the sublime and also express pleasure in the manipulation of surface and materials.

“I love valleys and trees and mountains and streams, and the structure of landscape, which partly has to do with the stories that I construct for them, or that are there already. When making art I frequently start with representational studies that respond to the subject’s shapes, forms and colours, and then often retain some of that while creating arrangements that respond to their own logic.”

Mind the Picturesque is Breikers’ invitation to connect with the subject as well as a warning to not be overtaken by it.  The works reflect a somewhat romantic view, but they also provide an opportunity for exploring  surface and form in a less-literal mode of expression.

Exhibition Opening:
Saturday 16 January – 1.00pm

Gallery Opening Times:
Childers Arts Space – 72 Churchill Street
Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 4.00 pm
Saturday and Sunday 9.00 am to 3.00 pm

Free entry – all welcome!

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