Games Boy JP is a curriculum aligned interactive theatre presentation for primary and secondary students.

Games Boy JP is interactive theatre for young people that pushes past well-known tropes of sushi and samurai to highlight aspects of Japanese existence that make this small island chain a cultural powerhouse. From local characters and cuisine that animate daily life to the stories behind the little understood ninja, geisha and distinctly Japanese notions of good manners.

A theatre experience exploring the lesser-known aspects of Japan's language and culture through playground games, inspired by the raucous fun of undōkai or sports day, the show and accompanying workshop offer hands-on participation in an array of Japan-related activities that illuminate a lively modern culture.

Created and performed by comedian, Sean Murphy – learning through laughter.

This event is for school bookings only. Schools please contact the Moncrieff directly to book your tickets.

Contact name: Moncrieff Box Office
Contact phone: (07) 4130 4100
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