Set in Valencia, this beautiful story from award winning director Icíar Bollaín (The Olive Tree, Yuli) follows forty-something Rosa who presses the ‘stop’ button on the pressures of her job.

This powerful film from award winning director Icíar Bollaín (The Olive Tree, Yuli) centres on forty-something Rosa, a seamstress in a film production company. Besides the pressure of her job, she’s also besieged from all sides by her demanding family. Rosa’s widowed dad insists he’s moving in with her. Then there’s her divorced brother Armando her possibly alcoholic sister Violeta; and her grown-up daughter Lidia, whose raising twins. Not to mention the constant favours for friends and neighbours.

Tired of being taken for granted, Rosa packs her car (and cat) and retreats to her childhood home. Then, much to the shock of her family, she announces her surprise engagement. With genuine and honest performances from its charming cast, director Bollaín’s clever film, revels in the joyous complications of family and the importance of loving oneself.

A feel-good film par excellence, made with irreproachable political conviction.’ SCREEN INTERNATIONAL

Language: In Spanish with English subtitles
Runtime: 99 mins
Classification: M
Country: Spain
Nominated: Goya Awards 2021
Selected: San Sebastian Film Festival 2020

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Screens with short film - Deafying Gravity

Deaf queer aerial performer Katia Schwartz reflects on life, identity and her extraordinary career in this compelling documentary short from emerging filmmaker Samuel Martin (Sam I Am).

Runtime: 14 mins
Classification: M
Country: Australia

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