The launch of Gin Gin author / photographer Stephanie Jackson’s second book, The Practical Gardener’s Guide to Tree, Shrubs and Climbers, released by New Holland Publishers.

At the book launch, to which admission is free, members of the public can meet the author and discuss any aspects of her work as a writer and photographer.

Personally signed copies of her latest book, The Practical Gardener’s Guide to Trees, Shrubs and Climbers will be available for sale as will copies of her earlier book Australian Wildlife On Your Doorstep, both of which were published by New Holland Publishers.

The Practical Gardener’s Guide to Trees, Shrubs and Climbers is written in a unique style that makes this book not only entertaining and humorous but also highly informative. The first section of the book provides information on how to design a garden, creating a garden to attract wildlife, soil and plant nutrients, and the basic tenets of organic gardening, while the second section introduces readers to approximately 160 plants, including many Australian native species, that are long-term residents of the author’s extensive bushland garden in Gin Gin.

It tells the fascinating and often comical stories of each plant’s life in the garden and reveals the unique behavioural characteristics that every plant silently demonstrates.

Each has the essential features that are required of a loyal garden companion in this era of climate change - including rugged survival skills, resilience and drought tolerance, with good looks and an appealing ‘personality’ thrown in for good measure.


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Contact number: 07 4157 2195

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