Please note an exciting change of venue for this event!

In response to this hot summer weather, we have decided to activate a shaded space at the Bundaberg Multiplex for this event. Activities will be held in the outdoor undercover area and the film will be held in Function Rooms 1 & 2. Candy Bar will be available.

Bundaberg Regional Council presents 'Wacky Weather'. A morning of free family fun. Themed activities followed by free screening of Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (G) at the Bundaberg Multiplex.

Time: Activities 9.30-10.30am, film starts 11.00am

Cost: Free

Limited seating – Booking essential.

Please note this event will include a multiple seating options including;
Chairs, wheelchair and access spaces, 50 x bean bags and carpeted floor seating.

You are invited to bring blankets or pillows to make yourself comfortable.
Reservations for seating and bean bags not available. First in - first served.

Proudly supported by Bundaberg Regional Libraries, Moncrieff Entertainment Centre and First5Forever

Synopsis: When Flint Lockwood’s (Bill Hader) latest contraption accidentally destroys the town square and rockets up into the clouds, he thinks his inventing career is over. Then something amazing happens as delicious cheeseburgers start raining from the sky. His machine actually works! But when people greedily ask for more and more food, the machine starts to run amok, unleashing spaghetti tornadoes and giant meatballs that threaten the world! Now it’s up to Flint, with the help of weather girl Sam Sparks (Anna Faris) and Steve, his talking monkey assistant, to find some way to shut down the machine before the world is covered in super-sized meatballs!

SENSORY SCREENING NOTE (Modified Lighting and Sound):

This film is a family friendly (sensory) screening. We are dedicated to providing events that are inclusive to all members of the community and the importance of events that we run to be accessible to all abilities. Originally created for individuals who identify with having a disability, who along with their family and friends can enjoy a positive and non-judgemental movie experience, the lights are dimmed (not darkened) and the movie volume lowered for sensitive ears. Patrons are allowed to move seats and stand, whatever is the most comfortable for them. These events are a great opportunity for parents and carers of special needs individuals to enjoy an outing with compassion and understanding. Screening also suitable for 'Babes in Arms'. Great for parents or carers of babies who want to get out of the house, watch a movie and not feel worried about the distraction of crying or squirming. A gentle introduction too, for little ones who may feel daunted by the darkness of the auditorium.

Genre: Family/Animation
Classification: G


Contact: Moncrieff Box Office
Contact Number: (07) 4130 4100

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