Join author Joanne Ling for a Mini Masterclass on living a life less toxic and cooking additive free.

She is excited to be travelling the country this February and is looking forward to hosting this workshop alongside local DIY guru Anita Cooney.

In this two hour mini masterclass you will: 

  • be educated about common additives to avoid and why;
  • salivate over delicious additive free recipes, perfect for summer;
  • learn about a range of simple swaps which will make a huge impact to your health;
  • leave feeling extremely inspired, confident and ready to make a change.

You will be not only be leaving with a whole heap of life changing information, you'll also receive a welcome gift and a chance to win a range of items made from the event. Oh, and you'll taste everything made - yum!

Living a life a little more additive free isn't about being perfect, it's about learning the information and then deciding how to use it. You will not regret saying "yes" to this time out. 

What's being made? Super simple recipes you can whip up in flash. Cooking doesn't need to be difficult, it doesn't need to take a long time and it most certainly doesn't need to be expensive. We're going to focus on lowering your toxic load throughout the house showcasing a range of DIY products that are budget friendly and actually work. You'll save yourself a fortune by learning how to make these products. During this presentation you'll hear the importance of why to make these simple swaps. You'll learn about the dangers of ingredients such as fragrance, the damaging ingredient found in hand sanitiser that's killing our microbiome and so much more.

So come and join these amazing thought leaders and have yourself an enjoyable day out.  Bookings are essential.

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Contact phone: 0432 571 669
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