What does a week in the life of a farm worker look like?

This exhibition captures the everyday rhythms of seasonal work, as photographed by the people who migrate to Australia to do much needed farming labour: people from the Pacific Islands and Timor-Leste, or the backpackers doing a “working holiday” – they are a vital part of the history of Childers and regional Queensland. Photographs taken by seasonal workers on disposable film cameras show their typical daily life while in Australia: toiling in the fields, on shuttle busses to and from the farms, living in shared dormitories, and enjoying their well-deserved days off.

Seasonal is collated by artist and researcher Dr Kaya Barry, as part of a three-year project investigating the value and contribution of seasonal migrants to Queensland’s horticultural communities.

Kaya Barry is an installation and photographic artist, based in Meanjin Brisbane. Her works pay close attention to the mundane and material aspects of daily life for migrants, tourists, and people whose lives are constantly on the move. She has exhibited at galleries in Australia and internationally, and is currently working on a three-year project funded by the Australian Research Council on the contribution of seasonal migration to Queensland’s horticultural communities. Kaya is a Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer at Griffith University.

Exhibition Opening Event Saturday 20 April, 3:00 pm

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Image: Kaya Barry, Seasonal Exhibition Promotional Image, 2022, photograph (image detail).

This exhibition is supported with funding from Griffith University and the Australian Research Council (project number DE220100394).

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